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Interview at Mob Burial Ground

Spent a February morning and early afternoon with German television. Brrrrrrrr! The crew interviewed me for a documentary about mob burial grounds, specifically off of my book "The Last Godfather" which dealt with the murder and burials of the three Bonanno crime family captains who were slain in 1981. Thee three men, Dominick Trinchera, Philip Giaccone, and Anthony "Sonny Red Indelicato, were gunned down in a Brooklyn social club once run by Gambino captain Sammy Gravano. They died in a power struggle with a faction led by former boss Joseph Massino. The victims were later take by underlings of the late John Gotti and buried in the Ruby Street area on the Brooklyn-Queens border. The area is still a backwater of New York but is showing signs of new construction and growth. We visited the scene of the graves which are in the area behind me in the photo. The place is still a bit desolate, as the background indicates. My upcoming "Gangland New York" book also talks about the burial. Later, I picked up lunch at the best Italian deli in Queens, Brothers on Cross Bay Blvd.

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