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Nice Plug in Cosa Nostra News

It was a pleasant surprise to see a recent mention on the web site Cosa Nostra News which heaped some nice remarks about my work. The author Ed Scarpo complimented my latest book “Vinny Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise And Fall of A New York Mobster”,” made reference to my work in progress “Gangland New York: Faces and Places Of the Mob,” and made note that with everything else I do I squeezed out a story in the latest issue of Penthouse about the science of stable isotopes in solving murder cases. Scarpo said I had “ the chops to write a thoroughly researched, highly accurate and very engaging book, like Jerry,” the latter reference to Jerry Capeci, originator and author of the very popular and widely recognized Gang Land News web site. Nice to be included in such company.

Here's the link: Cosa Nostra News

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