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Penthouse Magazine Story: True Crime

The June 2014 edition of Penthouse magazine contains my latest article about the new technique in forensic science, stable isotope analysis, to identify human remains. The science behind the technique involves the analysis of the presence of certain isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen in bones to trace where a person has been in the weeks and months before they died. The Penthouse story featured three cases, including one about investigator Paul Dostie who has persisted in using the science to trace where a young murder victim from Mexico traveled before she was killed. Another case featured is that of the "Scissor Sisters" of Ireland and how they were implicated in the brutal murder of a man who had been their mother's lover. The science won't identify a victim like DNA does but can focus investigators more closely on where a victim lived, what he or she ate and where the person traveled. I wish the science was more widely used, perhaps to help in the Gilgo Beach cases where four of the victims found on the Long Island coast have still not been identified. The story should be read by anyone with an interest in forensic science.

My first story for Penthouse in 2013 dealt with Vincent Basciano, the Bonanno crime family captain now doing life in federal Supermax prison who is the subject of my latest book "Vinny Gorgeous."

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