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July 12, 2018

Anthony DeStefano

discusses his book, Top Hoodlum: Frank Costello, Prime Minister of the Mafia. The press nicknamed him “The Prime Minister of the Underworld.” The U.S. Treasury’s Bureau of Narcotics described him as “one of the most powerful and influential Mafia leaders in the U.S.” But to friends and associates, he was simply “Uncle Frank.” Who was Frank Costello, the legend, really? That’s the question Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Anthony M. DeStefano sets out to answer—in what is being described as the definitive portrait of one of the most fascinating figures in the annals of American crime

Morano in the Morning

Sunday, July 29, 2018

6am hour July 29th: Newsday reporter Tony Destefano profiles crime boss Frank Costello + more

Copy Of -Gangland New York: The Places and Faces of Mob History (See You Tube Video Below For a Preview)

November 11, 2015

Lufthansa heist trial highlights struggles of aging wise guys

November 3, 2015

By Lorenzo Ferrigno and Ray Sanchez, CNN

NY1 Online: Author Recounts History of Organized Crime

July 30, 2015

Josh Robin and author Anthony DeStefano recounted the city's history of organized crime, which is the subject of his new book "Gangland New York: The Places and Faces of Mob History."

True Crime Uncensored With Burl Barer

July 11, 2015


Get a taste of New York’s underworld by seeing where mobsters lived, worked, ate, played, and died. From the Bowery Boys and the Five Points Gang through the rise of the Jewish “Kosher Nostra” and the ascendance of the Italian Mafia, mobsters have played a major role in the city’s history, lurking just around the corner or inside that nondescript building. Bill “the Butcher” Poole, Paul Kelly, Monk Eastman, “Lucky” Luciano, Carlo Gambino, Meyer Lansky, Mickey Spillane, John Gotti—each held sway over New York neighborhoods that nurtured them and gave them power.

National Crime Syndicate: An Interview with Journalist & Author Anthony M. DeStefano

July 7, 2015

Veteran crime reporter takes PIX11 on tour of ‘Gangland New York’

July 6, 2015

NEW YORK — For decades, organized crime has both terrorized and captivated New York City.

And despite what pop culture insists it wasn’t exclusive to Italian Americans.

In “Gangland New York” crime writer Tony Destefano takes us on a tour to New York’s underworld, bringing us to the places where mobsters “lived, worked, ate, played and died.”

“There are a lot of things that have happened in this city not only when we were alive but further back for a 150 years,” Destefano told PIX11 News. “A lot of the old locations are changing and being torn down, so I figured this was the best way to do it.”

One of those infamous locations he revisits in his book is where criminal mischief met filth nearly two centuries ago – better known as Five Points which today is the intersection of Worth and Baxter streets in Lower Manhattan.

“This used to be the main sort of slum, helter skelter area of the city where a lot of people were sort of mashed together in terrible living conditions,” he said adding that Martin Scorcese recreated and featured the location in his film “Gangs of New York.”


New Book Highlights Bronx's Pivotal Role in New York Mob History

July 6, 2015

THE BRONX — The notorious Five Families of the New York mafia got started thanks to a meeting in Belmont most likely on Washington Avenue near 187th Street, according to a new book about famous locations in organized crime history.


July 2, 2015

True to the wayward characters he writes about in his new book “Gangland New York: The Places and Faces of Mob History,” Anthony M. DeStefano preferred that a recent interview start with a walk past a few haunts the city’s mobsters made notorious

‘Goodfellas’ go down, how feds made an arrest 35 years later

January 24, 2014

The government called it the biggest cash robbery in the history of the United States. More than 35 years later, feds have made an arrest in the 1978 Lufthansa heist. Former NYPD Detective Sergeant and PIX11 contributer Wally Zeins and Newsday reporter and author of “Vinny Gorgeous: The ugly rise and fall of a New York Mobster” Tony DeStefano weigh in on how police found their guys and what comes next.

Interview: Writer Anthony M. DeStefano Publishes Book On NYC Mob

November 26, 2013

Reporter Anthony M. DeStefano is author of Vinny Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise and Fall of a New York Mobster. DeStefano speaks with KRTS about contemporary mob politics and his motivations for writing the book.

It's A Crime With Margaret McLean

August 17, 2013

Saturday, August 17, 2013 12:00PM - 2:00PM1st hour: Robert Tanenbaum discusses NYPD & high profile cases. 2nd hour: Avi McClelland on Bradley Manning & Tony DeStefano on Bonanno crime family!

True Crime - BlogTalk Radio

July 18, 2013

Veteran crime author Anthony M. DeStefano tells the riveting story of the last true believer in the Mob’s cult of brotherhood and how he was betrayed by the only man he ever trusted.

Crime Beat on ArtistFirst Radio

June 7, 2012

Crime Beat is delighted to announce the appearance of Tony Destefano, Thursday June 7, 2012 at 8 p.m. EST. The brilliant and gifted author has had his finger on the pulse of organized crime for over 30 years and is an award winning author and journalist. Destefano has been a reporter for Newsday in New York city, specializing in criminal justice and legal affairs for over 20 yeares. Ron Chepesiuk and Will Hryb will discuss his best selling book 'King of The Godfathers" and his just released 'MOB KILLER'. His new book details the bloody rampage of Charles Carneglia, Mafia hit-man for the notorious and deadly Gambino Crime Family. Make sure to tune in this Thursday where you want to have a front row seat to this fascinating story

Mobsters - "Big Joey" Massino (3of3)

January 22, 2011

Mobsters - "Big Joey" Massino (2of3)

January 22, 2011

Mobsters - "Big Joey" Massino on the Biography Channel (1 of 3)

January 22, 2011

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