Anthony M. DeStefano has covered organized crime for over three decades. For the past 20 years he has been a reporter for Newsday in New York City, specializing in criminal justice and legal affairs.  (The reference to Newsday is for identification only and the newspaper has no connection to this website.)

As part of the staff of Newsday, Mr. DeStefano has covered a number of major trials, including those of subway gunman Bernhard Goetz (1987), The Happy Land Social Club Fire (1991), reputed Gambino crime boss Peter Gotti (2003), former Bonanno crime boss Joseph Massino (2004) and the so called "Mafia Cops" (2006).  He also covered the case against Wall Street Ponzi schemer Bernard Madoff from 2008 through 2014.

As a result of his coverage of the Massino trial, DeStefano has written the book "The Last Godfather: Joseph Massino and The Fall of The Bonanno Crime Family" (Citadel Press) which is now available in books stores such as Barnes and Nobles and online.


DeStefano's continuing coverage of the Mafia led to two additional books: "Mob Killer: The Bloody Rampage of Charlie Carneglia, Mafia Hit Man" (June 2011) and "Vinny Gorgeous: The Ugly Rise And Fall Of A New York Mobster (July 2013).  His coverage of human trafficking inspired another book, "The War On Human Trafficking."  All the books are available at books stores and online.


DeStefano has also written "Gangland New York," which was publishe don July 1, 2015.

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